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10 Days Mixed Desert Safari Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival Amman
Upon arrival, a member of our staff will meet you at Queen Alia International Airport for assistance with procedures. Transfer to the hotel in Amman, where a Camera Tours guest relations officer will meet with you at your own convenience to discuss your preferences regarding your trip, and answer any queries you may have. Dinner and overnight.

Amman, the capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Jordan's modern capital, Amman is steeped in biblical history known as the capital of the Ammonites as Rabbath Ammon, and as Philadelphia in the Roman rule, it became the southern Greco-Roman city of the Decapolis. A Roman amphitheater with capacity of 8000 spectator's .The citadel which still standing with its columns & numerous Roman-Byzantine & Islamic remains.

Day 2: Amman/ Al Salt / Jellad / Ajloun
Breakfast. Pick up 4x4 self-drive transportation and depart to Salt City west of Amman ; Off road to Jallad continue to Rajeb , Ajloun 115 Km ( 70 Km Off Road , dinner and over night at Ajloun reserve .

A short journey west of Jerash through pine olives groves stands for 2000 years the city of Ajloun where the Castle known Qal'at al Rabad which was built in 1184 Salah Edddin nephew who defeated the crusaders .The castle is splendid sight of towers, chambers , galleries & staircases which is an outstanding example of Arab/ Islamic military architecture. On its hilltop a stupendous view of Jordan Valley.

Day 3: Ajloun / Jerash / Omm qais / Azraq
Breakfast. Departure towards the Jerash for visit . Proceed to Omm Qais through Wadi Yarmouk for lunch . and continue south across the desert to Alsafawi near Iraqi border , then continue to Azraq for dinner and over night Azraq Reserve.170 Km ( 70 Km off road ).

The Jewel of the north. One of the most visited site. Jerash is one of the preserved Greco-Roman cities in the world, and example of the Roman civilization. Jerash was called Gerasa in the bible It is mentioned that it was built by the soldiers of Alexander the Great the city features theaters, churches, temples (Zeus & Artemis), a Nymphaeum, and colonnaded streets. Some of the pagan temples were turned into churches with mosaic floors in the year 396

Day 4: Desert Castles / Al Humaymah / Wadi Rum
Breakfast. Depart to visit 3 desert castles ( Azraq , Qaser Amrah , and Kharanah ) across the desert to Qatranah for a short rest and lunch. Proceed to Al Jafer croosing desert to Al Humaymah continue to Wadi Rum arriving late afternoon. 260 Km ( 200 Km Off Road ) Dinner and overnight Bedouin Camp.

Desert Castles " Qaser Kharaneh ":
(55 kilometers from Amman) is one of the best preserved of the Umayyad Castles. The Castle stands two stories high and although only 35 square meters, it is one of the most impressive sights with its towers exaggerating its height.

Day 5: Exploring Wadi Rum where is the desert adventure waits you
Breakfast. Full day exploring Wadi Rum the magnificent land scaspe in desert . dinner and over night Camp near Saudi Arabia borders, ( 70 - 110 Km off road )

Day 6: Full Day in Wadi Rum
Wadi Rum:
Some 70 KM north east of Ababa lies Wadi Rum The home of "Lawrence of Arabia", as he described it " Vast, echoing and God-like " The most largest& magnificent landscape in Jordan, with countless valleys of stunning beauty, from the knife - edged dunes of Wadi Araba to the Wadi Mujeb, a wild life reserve .Trekkers& Hikers and cliff climbing on Jabal Rum .A vast silent place that is both romantic and starkly beautiful. Massive mountains rise vertically out of the pink desert sand, which separates one dark mass from another. The faces of those sheer rock cliffs have been eroded by the wind into faces of men, animals and monsters. The entrance to the valley is guarded by a castle-like police post, which is manned by the famous Desert Patrol. , and Bedouin tents are spread in the valley where they serve lunches & dinners with sleeping tents for those who wants to say goodnight to the moon and good morning to the golden sun

Day 7: Wadi Rum/ Al Humaymah / Petra
Breakfast. Cross the desert from Wadi Rum to Petra , through some of the most impressive desert 170 Km Off Road . Arrival Petra visit the site dinner and over night at Little Petra Camp.

Petra - The Rose City:
Jordan abounds the richest archaeological sights ,from Neolithic ruins to Desert Castles to most national treasure The Rose city Of Petra .Petra is the legacy of the Nabataeans Arabs who settled 2000 years ago built their Kigdomeendured for centuries , massive architecture, ingenious complex of dams & water channels .Petra most famous monument , the Treasury called as Al-KHazneh- appears dramatically at the end of the Siq ,this is one of the most elegant remains of antiquity, carved out of the solid rock from the side of the mountain, is nearly 140 feet high and 90 feet wide. Beyond El Khazneh the visitor is surrounded on both sides by hundreds of Petra's carved and built structures, soaring temples, elaborate royal tombs, a carved Roman theater, large and small houses, burial chambers and much more. On top of one Petra Mountains stands the tomb of Aaron, Prophet Moses brother. A Palace Tomb in the Roman style a gigantic 1st century Deir ( Monastery ) .Streets of Facades the Urn, Corinthian , the Nymphaeum ,the Triumphal Arch and Qasr el Bint .Palace & silk tombs, ,the Colonnaded street, the Nymphaeum, the Triumphal Arch and the Turkamaniya tomb.

Day 8: Petra / Wadi Arava / Wadi Al Mujib / Dead Sea
Breakfast. Drive through Wadi Namalah to Wadi Araba to Wadi Al Mujib to Dead Sea dinner and over night at Dead Sea , 210 Km ( 70 Km off road.

The Dead Sea:
The lowest point on earth, 400 meters (1300 feet) below sea level. It is 4 times saltier than any other sea in the world .It is believed that the site is of 5 biblical cities Sodom-Gomorrah- Admath- Zeboiim & Zoar. Sea mud - salt & minerals are well known of healing. Dead Sea area is the sight of Sodom which was destroyed after Lot, and his family fled the area. Near by The GHOR ALSAFI 6th Century ruins of of Byzantine monastery & mosaics place believed to be the refuge of Lot Daughters after the destruction of Sodom

Day 9 : Dead Sea / Madaba / Mount Nebo / Amman
Breakfast , drtive the most beautiful parallel road to Mount Nebo for visit , continue to Madaba to visit the Besantine Church, continue to Amman , check in hotel , special Gala dinner at one of the best Oriental restaurant in Amman, over night Amman.

Day 10 Departure
Breakfast. Drive through to Queen Alia Airport . Drop off cars, assistance with formalities and departure.