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Petra Full Day Tour

You will depart the hotel early in the morning to drive south to the Nabatean Red - Rose City of Petra that can be considered one of the wonders of the world.

The city located 225 kilometers from Amman , was carved in stone more than 2000 years ago in order to dominate the trade routes of ancient Arabia . You will visit it's towns, damns, and water channels.

The visit begins with a walk through the siq, a narrow path of three quarters of a mile (1.2 kilometers), which is the main entrance to the city. The ancient main entrance to Petra At the end of the siq, you will see the treasury - El-Khazneh, which was believed to hold countless treasures. The first view of the El-Khazneh is absolutely breathtaking so have your camera ready. Other monuments you will see are the Theatre, the Altar of Sacrifice, and the Royal tombs.

Please ensure you wear comfortable shoes for such an incredible and unforgettable adventure.